April Fairyloot unboxing

I received the beautiful Fairyloot box the other day and if you’ve never heard of this, it’s a UK-based YA/fantasy subscription box! I absolutely love getting these boxes because they always put the best books in and have such cute little bookish items inside and feature some brilliant designers/artists.

This month the theme was DREAMS & WISHES and we definitely knew it would feature something inspired by ACOMAF (one of my favourite books ever) and The Bone Season (another of my favourite series!) so naturally I had to get this box as well as it featuring one of my favourite artists, Risa Rodil.

Despite having to wait over the weekend till the postroom at uni opened again on Monday, I didn’t get spoiled so everything was a lovely surprise! (As it should be but unfortunately people do like to post unboxings on instagram as soon as they’ve got it!) I love looking at people’s instagram stories for when I haven’t ordered the box and it’s a great way of showing the contents of the box but allowing people to avoid being spoiled as they can avoid looking at their story.

But enough about that, here’s what I received in my box!

  • The Mime order quote tote bag by Miss Phi
  • ‘To the stars who listen, and dreams that are answered’ ACOMAF quote mug by Risa Rodil
  • Reverie candle by Meraki Candles which smells of mint, marshmallows and
  • ‘dreams’ enamel pin badge by House of Wonderland
  • gemstone notebook by Portico
  • dreams magnet by Fairyloot
  • bonus items: Hunted postcard and Spindle Fire quote print

My favourite item has to be the mug and bag because I can’t choose and they are both GORGEOUS! I also absolutely love the smell of the candle and I’ll totally use the cute little pin badge and magnet. I really want to read Hunted which is a Beauty and the Beast retelling and Spindle Fire sounds like a great Sleeping Beauty retelling too! I love it when they include little recommendations and upcoming book release peaks because it means more books to discover!

And now for the book featured this month…


It’s GIVEN TO THE SEA by Mindy McGinnis!

I totally googled ‘YA April releases’ and found this book which fitted the description that Fairyloot gave when they released the theme for April – I couldn’t help myself! It was still a nice surprise because I couldn’t be sure!

I’m very happy with the contents of this box this month and I’d thoroughly recommend checking out Fairyloot! Sometimes I find the boxes aren’t quite to my taste, so I wait for the themes and designers I like – they always announce a theme and some items/suppliers that will feature in the box so it’s not too hard to avoid being disappointed! Everyone has their preferences but most of the time this box has such good bookish items and the most amazing YA reads in it!

Jo x

January Fairyloot unboxing

Well after what has been a few crappy weeks at uni (but with a few good days in between) I was so excited for my Fairyloot box and it arrived so quickly to say it was delayed a little due to one of the products arriving a bit late. Fairyloot definitely perks up my month and OH MY GOD was this box the best yet!!! My flatmate had to get it from the post room at uni and when I got back home it was sat waiting outside my door!

Image result for its amazing gif

Seriously, this box has definitely been my favourite out of all the ones that I have bought and see through bookstagram and booktube – everything in it was AWESOME!

The theme this month was Mystery and Mischief so without further ado, here is what was in this fabulous book box:

I love everything!!!! Even the pop vinyl which I normally hate haha!

I especially loved this box because it included a design by Risa Rodil and I absolutely love her work.

In the box starting from the top left was:

  • How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes book by Daniel Smith
  • Alice In Wonderland bookmark by Read At Midnight
  • Passenger themed notebook
  • Crookshanks Funko Mystery Mini (surprise HP or GoT and I got HP – even better I got a cat!)
  • Come Back Yesterday candle by Meraki Candles
  • The Night Circus themed cushion cover by Risa Rodil
  • Rose necklace by Oh Panda Eyes


And the book this month which I just knew was going to be in the box because it’s been raved about so much was………



I cannot WAIT to read this book by Stephanie Garber and my god is it BEAUTIFUL! Plus the hardcover under the jacket had one of four designs and I got the tent! As always, a hand written note from the author and signed bookplate was included, as well as a Caraval postcard artwork and bookmark. PLUS there was also an Alchemists of London bookmark and Jackaby free chapter download postcard – a great way to get books a bit more well known! I’ll definitely be checking out these books suggested since they were in the Fairyloot box 😀

I cannot express how much I love this January Fairyloot box – everything is just brilliant and I am so excited to start this book! Thanks so much Fairyloot!!!

A happy bookworm,

Jo x