A little bit about me

So I’ve realised that I don’t ever post anything about me, I only post book reviews and wrap-ups mainly, so I thought I’d do a little Q&A about myself because why not? Plus it’s a Sunday and I’m procrastinating from doing revision… So here’s a little bit about me:

Where am I from?

I’m originally from the West Midlands but I currently go to uni in Hertfordshire!

What am I studying at uni?

I’m in my third year at vet school – I’ve just started the clinical years and it’s all getting a bit too real now!

Any pets?

I have three cats: Rosie (a tortoiseshell), Bobby (a black cat) and Eva (black and white). They’re all unrelated and rescues (and all adorable).

Favourite film?

So it HAS to be three because I always said my favourite film was Wall-E (hence my cat’s name) but then my friend introduced me to How To Train Your Dragon and theΒ adorable Toothless. But of course I absolutely love Beauty and The Beast as well, especially after seeing the live action one, so it has to be those three: Wall-E, HTTYD and Beauty and the Beast (both versions)!

Favourite book?!

It’s like your favourite song – you just can’t choose one and there’s too many to choose from. I absolutely love Harry Potter, naturally, and I love the Throne of Glass and ACOTAR series as well as the Darker Shade of Magic series, The Lunar Chronicles and The Bone Season series.

Favourite authors?

JK, V E Schwab, S J Maas, Samantha Shannon, Holly Bourne, Stephenie Meyer, Marissa Meyer, Rainbow Rowell… There are still so many authorsΒ that I haven’t discovered yet though!

So there you go – a little bit about me this sunny Sunday. Feel free to do this yourself or ask me anything else! I love meeting new people on here πŸ™‚

Jo x



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