Stealing Snow book review

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A fresh fantasy book filled with icy magic and a frozen far off land that has a little hint of Narnia about it. Stealing Snow is the story of a girl who is living in a psychiatric institution after having physically scarred a girl when she was young. Now she lives her life taking medication everyday and seeing her mother only occasionally, but Snow is in love with a boy called Bale and she would do anything for him, even though he hurt her and is fascinated by fire.

Visions of a tree start to haunt Snow’s dreams and a nightmare comes to life when Bale is ripped away from her. Snow must journey to this tree and enter the land of Algid to bring her precious Bale back, but first she must learn how to control her suppressed snowy magic with the help of the River Witch. In Algid she discovers more of who she is and where she came from, but who can she trust in this frozen mystery of a nightmare as the King threatens to destroy her?


I loved the modern take on a fantasy – so many fantasy books are set back in a time where technology doesn’t exist, but in this book Snow mentions frequently a TV show which is the extent of her knowledge of life. Snow has only know what it is to live under the care of doctors and nurses, she has never lived by herself or made her own choices and this book isn’t just a story of a girl discovering her own powers, but her own independence as well.

It’s got a great writing style with a little attitude and occasional quips from Snow so it adds more realism to it, but there is a lot of romance woven into the story. Snow loves Bale and everything she does is to save him and take him back to the tree, but she kisses another, develops feelings for another and all the while is still insisting on finding and caring for her Bale. Some of the romance I found a bit unnecessary and unrealistic however I loved the incorporation of family relationships when you haven’t known your real family your whole life.

It’s magical and full of snow and definitely worth reading! Now time for a few spoilers so look away if you don’t want to see!

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I was NOT expecting Bale to die in this book! So yeah I started with the big one, but has he really died? I’m not even sure he’s human or whether the King used a Bale look-a-like. I’m so uncertain with what’s happening to Bale and where he is currently at the end of the book, but I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel to find out what’s happened to him.

One thing I quite like about this book is that it actually is quite believable how much Snow loves Bale, because she’s not known anything else besides her friend inside Whittaker, so it’s no surprise that she goes after him to Algid and becomes a robber just so she can save him. I found Margot both likeable and not but it still came as bit of a shock when she died – with the robber Queen now gone, I wonder who will take over and what will happen now they didn’t manage to get the mirror.

This mirror business – what is going to happen to the mirror now Snow’s secret twin has run off with it? Oh yeah, and Snow has a secret twin?!

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This family is a bit messed up.

Jagger was a good character and I really liked the River Witch, but I couldn’t get on board with how many people Snow grows to have feelings for. First she loves Bale, then Kai, then Jagger?! Just pick a guy already!

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I just liked the whole world of Algid and Snow’s wit as well as the element of magic woven into the story – it was reminiscent of Narnia with a different take on modern life.

Finding out her father was really the King all along was a good twist in the tale and the prophecy of his child having immense power was a good motive for the King to try and kill his children. Bit harsh though but I liked what it brought to the plot.

A good quick fantasy read if you’re looking for something different!


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