The Star-Touched Queen book review

by Roshani Chokshi (2016)Β Image result for starImage result for starImage result for starImage result for starImage result for star

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Wow was this book full of beautiful descriptions and just gorgeous story-writing. It reminded me a little of The Wrath and the Dawn with its exquisite detail and world-building – it was just so magical!

The Star-Touched Queen portrays a girl that is cursed (not literally, just everyone believes her to be) and the stars have dealt her a fate in a world where star signs are taken as gospel. On the dreaded day on which Maya has to demonstrate her unyielding loyalty to her father and Raja, a stranger enters her life with the promise of saving her life in return for her wisdom and hand in marriage. Maya is now destined to be queen of Akaran, a mysterious and magical place that soon unravels itself to her. But as distrust builds and the fate of an entire world rests in her hands, who is beside Maya and who is against her?


β€œI know your soul. Everything else is just an ornament.” – Roshani Chokshi, The Star-Touched Queen

Packed with beautiful descriptions and enough drama and action to last a series, TSTQ certainly didn’t disappoint.

I initially picked up this book because I had heard it was amazing all over bookstagram and there’s a quote from Maas on the front so I thought it was probably worth getting but after Nevernight and the hype it did not live up to for me, I was a bit hesitant to start this one. But am I glad I did! The writing is wonderful and the story surprised me with the direction it took – it felt more like an exhilarating finale to a series than the start of one!

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From the first page I just had this gut feeling that it was going to be a good book and it definitely was – Maya was brilliantly constructed and came into her element when Amar made her his queen. A sharp mind and caring attitude, she had fairness and judgement in balance when it came to making tough decisions, something that was discouraged in her life back with her family where her only use was to the Raja’s political advantage.

Amar was just dreamy though. Mysterious but always asking for the best from Maya and to believe in herself to rule, he respected her and valued her honest opinion. Though sometimes he came across a bit too much (like with the guy who works at Monica’s restaurant in FRIENDS and goes out with Phoebe in The One With Rachel’s Date – he’s just too caring sometimes that it’s annoying) but he was always considerate of Maya and gave her the respect she deserved as a person.

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Though a bit confusing and mind-boggling at times to follow, TSTQ has a brilliant story and I really have no idea where it will go in the sequel (but everything gets explained a little bit better apparently). With a talking horse and a tree bearing memories, TSTQ is a story that you will not regret experiencing!

Things take a dramatic twist towards about two-thirds the way through the book though; Β it felt more like an explosive finale to a series rather than the first! The only problem with this book was that everything was a little confusing though and a lot didn’t really get fully explained, however I have heard that things make more sense in A Crown of Wishes, its sequel.

I won’t mention any spoilers this time because to be honest, I didn’t understand what was going on myself! There were a few characters you become unsure of as you read this book and I still don’t know what to make of them now – it’s one of those books that you have to just sort of roll with but I’m really looking forward to the sequel and finding out what’s going on.

A really beautiful book with gorgeous description and wonderful world-building!

β€œTrust is won in years. Not words.” – Roshani Chokshi, The Star-Touched Queen


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