Nerdy Bookworm Box unboxing

So this month I received my first Nerdy Bookworm Box! The theme for November was Magical Beasts and I was soooo excited for this box! I love all things animal-related in books and especially magical beasts because they’re just so magical!

I have to say that the customer service from this subscription box was amazing – I asked to change my order and Jen was so lovely! I would definitely recommend trying out this book subscription service because of how much care goes into looking after the customers.

Right so on to the box! I got some really cute items in this box, all unicorns and beasts!

And the book for November was…


MOON CHOSEN by P C Cast! I’ve never heard of this author but the book looks amazing and it’s HUGE! Plus the pages are decked so it just makes it all the more impressive. I can’t wait to get stuck into this book!!

My favourite item has to be the unicorn coaster – it’s just adorable and has such a cute quote on it. I was a little disappointed to see no dragon-related items in the box since they’re such a cool magical beast but other than that, I am very happy with my November Nerdy Bookworm Box!


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