Author book events – S J Maas, Rainbow Rowell and Leigh Bardugo

(Sorry I was supposed to post this yesterday!)

So I met three authors last month – S J Maas on her Empire of Storms tour, and Rainbow Rowell and Leigh Bardugo on their Worlds Collide tour in the UK.

First, I met S J Maas and it was so surreal and weird I’m kind of like ‘did that even really happen?’. I’m so glad I got to meet her but unfortunately, my brain decided to stop and all I said to her was ‘how are you’ to which she replied and asked the same to me and I said ‘good thanks’ then basically moved on because she had finished signing my book – Β I’m always really aware of how long they have to be there for so I don’t want to take up their time. So yeah, not exactly how I imagined it – I wish I had asked her something like how does she come up with these brilliant book ideas or why did she do that to Aelin in Empire of Storms or justΒ something about her books. Oh well, I guess she hears it all the time about how much people love her books so I probably didn’t need to say it anyway!

On the plus side, I got to meet some really nice bookish people there and I even met Anissa from Fairyloot! The panel was really good and we got to hear from Maas about how she came about writing which was really interesting, as well as some funny little anecdotes. One annoying thing happened though – Maas said that she wasn’t going to spoil anything from Empire of Storms then one girl started asking a question and basically said something about the end with a couple of characters (I’ll never understand why some people find it physically impossibly to justΒ not say spoilers) but luckily most people didn’t hear it properly anyway.

I got my lovely Heir of Fire signed and my ACOTAR book stamped so I’m happy now and they’re going to sit on my bookshelf all proud that they’re signed πŸ™‚



Then a couple of weeks later I got to meet Rainbow Rowell and Leigh Bardugo on their Worlds Collide tour (in a church of all places!) which was so good! They talked about their books and did a dramatic reading of each others’ books before they answered some questions.

The best bit was meeting the obviously and I’m so happy I’ve got my books signed by Rainbow Rowell but I was also really gladΒ to meet Leigh Bardugo – she’s so funny! I definitely need to read Six of Crows (I bought it this week) after hearing a snippet of Crooked Kingdom and I really hope Rainbow Rowell releases a new book soon – I need more Rainbow in my life!


I always get so nervous going to see authors (I had never met any before this year!) but I love getting my books signed and the chance to meet the brilliant people who write my favourite booksΒ β™₯


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