November TBR

Since October went pretty badly reading wise I plan to step up my game for November and I’ve already read one book so I think this will be a better month for me! I’m also going to start posting on Saturdays as well as Wednesdays because I find myself with a lot of reviews building up and other posts that really need to be posted asap!


November TBR:

  • … And A Happy New Year?
    Image result for and a happy new year holly bourne
  • Neverwhere
    Image result for neverwhere neil gaiman
  • Red Queen reread
    Image result for red queen book
  • Glass Sword
    Image result for glass sword book

So I’m going to start Neverwhere first since it’s the book chosen for my uni’s book club that I’ve started up again this year and I’ve already read …And A Happy New Year (review to come soon) which was amazing! I also want to reread Red Queen to familiarise myself with the world so I can FINALLY get round to reading Glass Sword!




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