September Fairyloot unboxing

September’s theme was Magic & Mayhem which sounded AMAZING and the box did not disappoint! Packed full of magical goodies and a beautiful new book as well as a note from the author and a signed bookplate, the box was oozing magic and mayhem!

So here it is, my unboxing of my September Fairyloot box! (Including the addition of conkers for a more autumnal feel!)

Magical bookish treat included in the box:

And the book of the month was VASSA IN THE NIGHT by Sarah Porter!


I was really happy with my box but I was extra happy to finally own a candle from the brilliant castleoffables (run by the same person who does Fairyloot) and it smells delicious! The book looks amazing and the bookmark is beautiful (I love Gina’s bookmark designs!) but the author’s note was a little difficult to read :/ Though I loved the box, I thought there was a little too much Grisha in there (for someone who isn’t that keen on the series) it was a little bit annoying – the candle would have been brilliant with some other magic-related items for the notebook and poster, but I guess if you love the Grisha trilogy then you would have been ecstatic with the Grisha overload!

Also in this month’s box were some new features – the book came in a little Fairyloot bag which is perfect for carrying your book around with you in your bag and protecting it from damage. A little two page spread called ‘Fairy scoop’ was also new which features an interview with the author of the month’s book. These new features are such a good idea and add to the box to make it extra special – I just hope that the book bags won’t be included in every box or you can have a choice to opt out of receiving one because once you have one, there isn’t any need for another and it’s a waste.

And that’s it! I can’t wait to get reading Vassa In The Night and finally burn my candle – a brilliant September Magic and Mayhem box!



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