Five book series I want to read before 2016 is over

There are soooooo many books I still have on my TBR and loads more to be released that I want to get, but I thought I’d do a post on five books that have already been released that I have yet to read. I’ve read a few trilogies and caught up on a few series this year but I still have many more series that I haven’t read yet and want to.

Here are five book series that I want to read before the end of the year:

#1 The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

I bought this book at YALC because it was signed by Samantha Shannon and it’s been on my TBR for ages of books to buy but I spotted it in the Works the other day in hardback for just Β£4! I had to buy it and I’ve just read the first one – I had heard so many amazing things about it and I actually really liked the book! And the series it going to be about six or seven books long! Love a long series.

#2 Poison Study by Maria V Snyder

This book sounds really intriguing and I know a couple of people that absolutely adore this series! I hope I can get round to it soon because it sounds like something I’d really enjoy.

#3 Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I finally read the Grisha trilogy this year and while I loved Shadow and Bone, I didn’t really like the other two nearly as much, however so many people love Six of Crows that I want to give the Grisha world another go and since this is only a duology I think I’d still be able to read it even if I wasn’t that keen on it.

#4Β The Wrath and the Dawn by RenΓ©e Ahdieh

While I have already read The Wrath and the Dawn, I still haven’t got round to reading the sequel in this duology and I really must soon! I loved the first book and I couldn’t wait for the sequel but it’s just been on my TBR for ages and I need to find the time to reread The Wrath and the Dawn before I start The Rose and The Dagger.

#5 Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

After having read the amazing Raven Cycle series, I definitely want to read more of this author’s writing and my friend raves about Shiver so I really think I should read this trilogy soon!


There are still loads more book series that I want to read but I really want to try and read these series before 2016 is over! Which book series do you want to read before the year is up?




2 thoughts on “Five book series I want to read before 2016 is over

  1. YAASSSS to The Bone Season. I am excited for Cooked Kingdom. I wasn’t a huge fan of Six of Crows (I didn’t dislike it, it just wasn’t my favorite), but the ending left me like :O so I’m ready for the next! I have heard that people who didn’t like the Grisha trilogy loved SoC, so hopefully you’ll LOVE SoC!

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