September TBR

September you horrid month – it’s the month everyone has to return to school/college/uni and I’ll be going into third year *cue look of panic* so obviously I won’t be able to read as much as I like, but for the first two weeks of September dammit I am going to try and read as much as I can!

Books I plan to read in September:

  • The Bone Season

Image result for the bone season

  • Empire of StormsImage result for empire of storms uk
  • Ivory and Bone
    Image result for ivory and bone
  • Vicious
    Image result for vicious uk book

And that’s all I’m planning on reading this month since I’ll be starting uni, I don’t want to plan to read too many books if I won’t have the time but hopefully if I finish these then I might start some more books – if I enjoy The Bone Season then I might get the sequel, The Mime Order, and that’s all I’ll probably have time to read this month.

I hope everyone has a brilliant month of reading and to those who are starting or going back to school/college/uni, good luck and I hope you achieve what you want to this year!



4 thoughts on “September TBR

      • So far I love it! I’m just at the part when Lila found out they’re returning to London for the Element Games. And there’s something shady going on with Rhy and Tieren (sp?) that I’m confused about, but I think I’m supposed to be confused. I’m ready for a Kell/Lila REUNION already!!


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