New releases in 2016

There have been so many amazing books released in 2016 and there’s still loads more to come! Here are a few of the books that are going to be released in the second half of 2016 that I cannot wait to get my hands on:

#1 Empire of Storms


Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas, release date 6th September. This is the fifth and penultimate instalment to the Throne of Glass series and promises a quest for Aelin Galathynius to prevent all of Erilea from breaking apart as those with magic are at odds with those without it.

Still currently rereading the Throne of Glass series in preparation for its release, this is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated books of the year – this book cannot come sooner! As soon as this book is in my hands, I am going to devour it.

#2 Stealing Snow

Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige, release date 20th September. Snow has spent the majority of her life tucked away in a mental hospital but she knows she doesn’t belong there and a dream triggers her into escaping into a nearby wood. Here she finds her true home in the icy Algid and discovers she is destined to inherit a royal lineage.

This is the first volume in the Stealing Snow series and something I’m quite intrigued to purchase and read. It sounds so different from books around at the moment, but I might get it around Christmas in paperback since it has a snowy theme to it!

#3 …And A Happy New Year?

…And A Happy New Year?Β by Holly Bourne, release date 1st November. This is a Spinster Club special and will revisit all three girls in the trilogy as we see how their lives are after their eventful year.

I can’t wait for more feminism and the brilliant ‘Normal’ trio to be back in my life! I’ve loved each book in the trilogy and having read the last book in the series last month (What’s A Girl Gotta Do? see review here), I was gutted for the series to be over but when I turned the last page and saw THIS advertised, I was so happy to discover we’re going to get more of the Spinster trio! Holly Bourne’s writing never fails to give me hope that we are moving towards a more feminist future and I don’t know what I’d do without these little lifts throughout the year.

#4 Heartless

Heartless by Marissa Meyer, release date 8th November. A retelling of the Queen of Hearts from when she was young. Destined to be Queen, Catherine just wants to open a bakery and decide her life for herself. She’s set to marry the King of Hearts but falls in love with Jest, a court joker, and so enters into a secret courtship as she decides her future for herself.

I love Marissa Meyer’s writing and the Lunar Chronicles were a joy to read so I’m definitely going to be buying this stand alone novel.

#5 The Fate of the Tearling

The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen, release date 1st December. This book concludes the Queen of the Tearling trilogy which sees Kelsea attempt to protect her kingdom from invasion.

I am yet to read the Invasion of the Tearling but I thought the Queen of the Tearling (link to book review here) was so cleverly written and left us with many questions so I’ll be buying the second in the trilogy first before buying the third and final book.


What new releases in 2016 are you highly anticipating? Let me know in the comments!
Have a fantastic dayΒ β™₯




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