V E Schwab event

This time last week I was meeting V E Schwab for the second time! So I met V E Schwab for the first time at YALC on Sunday 31st July but I met her AGAIN four days after as I went to her Birmingham stop on her UK tour! I was so nervous because I was going alone and (my nervousness taking over) I ended up tucking myself away at the back and this had its drawbacks because I couldn’t see V E Schwab at the front when she was answering questions and I was third to get my books signed so I didn’t get chance to talk to anyone in the queue or anything :/ I’ve realised that when I go to these events, I need to TALK to other people because, after all, they’re there to see the same author as you so you already have something in common!

She answered questions put to her on This Savage Song and her writing technique as well as coming up with the idea for the A Darker Shade of Magic series etc. I loved listening to her talk – she’s so positive and happy and never stopped smiling! She said that she grew up looking for the cracks in the world and wishing it were stranger, so this translated into her writing – she created worlds that were a little bit stranger, and invented characters that becameΒ people.

Next we had an Essen Tasch style quiz and I HAD PREPARED SO MUCH FOR THIS because I reread ADSOM and AGOS in anticipation for questions based on the books and it ended up being random questions on like what’s the biggest library in the world and questions on comic book characters. I was disappointed because I was so ready to answer questions on her books, but the quiz did ensue that I talked to other people there and had a lot of fun just chatting to fellow Schwablians πŸ™‚

After some Q & A with the author, she did some signings and because I was at the back, I was third in the queue so I left quite early! I was sad to leave and kind of wanted to be last so I could hang around and chat more to V E Schwab, but I did ask her how ACOL was going and I told her how I was worried she had killed someone off (she averted her eyes at this). I said I didn’t really mind if Holland died to which her publicist I think? gasped but come on, out of all the characters I do NOT want Kell, Lila, Rhy or Alucard to die so Holland it is.

V E Schwab was so inspiring to listen to as she talked about how she writes and comes up with ideas for further books and also how she views the world and this translates into her writing – it was just one of the best evenings and I’ve actually ordered Vicious so I can read more of V E Schwab’s amazing writing!



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