YALC reading prep

I am going to YALC in just under a week and I am SO EXCITED. I’m only going for the one day (Sunday) but it’s my first time at a convention ever and I’ve never actually met any authors before so this is all going to be so new for me and I am BUZZING for it!

Right. So. I thought I’d do a post of all the books I’ve read in preparation for YALC and ones that I read earlier on in the year but the authors are going to be at YALC – I haven’t read that many but I’ve definitely discovered some new authors and definitely want to read some more of their work.


Am I Normal Yet? series by Holly Bourne
I bought What’s A Girl Gotta Do? the other day having seen on Twitter that it was already available in shops (and not out till August) and she is without a doubt, one of the authors I am most excited to meet because her books are AMAZING. This book was brilliant and all three in the trilogy are just awesome!

This Savage Song byΒ V E Schwab
Having read the A Darker Shade of Magic series a couple of months ago, I loved this author’s writing and had to get her new book which was brilliant and fantastic and I definitely have to meet this author! I’m not too worried if I don’t though because I’m going to see her on tour in Birmingham in August, but I’ll still take one of her books in case I do manage to see her. I loved this book and I really want to buy Vicious too.

Rebel of the Sands byΒ Alwyn Hamilton
I actually read this book a while back when it came out and I wasn’t that keen on the first two thirds of the book, but it picked up near the end – I liked it enough to want to get the sequel and find out what happens though.

The Sin Eater’s Daughter byΒ Melinda Sailsbury
When I read this, it was straight after I read ACOMAF when that came out in May so I was on such a book hangover from ACOMAF that I don’t think any book I read straight after would be as amazing as that one. I found this book really quite different but because I was so hung up on ACOMAF, I think I judged it too harshly at the time (I felt really underwhelmed after I finished it) so I think I might read it again or get the sequel at some point to see if my opinion changes.

The Raven Cycle series byΒ Maggie Stiefvater
This month has been filled with racing through this series in time for YALC and I’m so glad for YALC because this series has been on my TBR for ages and I finally got the excuse to just go out and BUY it. The series was like nothing I have ever read before andΒ I must meet this author and I have to try out some of her other books; I’m thinking about reading Shiver next.

Under Rose-tainted Skies byΒ Louise Gornall
I got this book because it was buy one get one half price in Waterstones when I bought What’s A Girl Gotta Do? and I’mΒ just about to start it. It’s only a small book so I’ll probably be able to finish it in time for YALC and it will most likely be my last July read.


All these authors should be there on the Sunday that I’m going, but I’ve also read some other books by authors attending on other days likeΒ The Rest of Us Just Live Here byΒ Patrick Ness,Β The Lost and the Found byΒ Cat Clarke andΒ Geek Girl byΒ Holly Smale but I didn’t enjoy these books that much so I’m not that concerned with seeing these authors. I would quite like to read The Sleeping Prince (sequel to The Sin Eater’s Daughter) and maybe try out some more of Patrick Ness’ books since I’ve only read the one book by each author.Β I also really want to start The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon and some of Ben Aaronovitch’s books but I haven’t had the time! Maybe I’ll end up buying some of their books at YALC πŸ™‚

So yeah, that’s what I’ve read and I just can’t wait for this now – never met authors before or been to a con so I’m going to be absolutely amazed, scared, nervous and excited when I get there!

Who else is going and who is the one author that you simplyΒ have to meet? Can’t wait to meet some book bloggers and bookstagrammers as well!

Have a fantastic TuesdayΒ β™₯


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