Hey there everyone, this is my first blog post and I thought I’d introduce myself to start off with: I’m Joanne and I’m currently just (hopefully!) going into third year at vet school in London. I absolutely LOVE reading, I relish the escapism and I adore immersing myself into the world that has been poured on to pages straight from the mind of another – how magical is that?!

My favourite genre is young adult fantasy, but I do like to dip into the odd contemporary, classic, adult and sci-fi to name a few. The main reason I want to start a book blog is to keep track of the books I read, discuss books with others and meet other book-minded people!

I’m on instagram and goodreads and have already met loads of brilliant people in the bookish community, I also follow some booktubers (but I’m not confident enough to start a booktube!) so I thought a book blog would be another great way for discussing books, finding new books to read and just being part of the bookish community!

I hope to post book reviews, recommendations, book unboxings, wrap-ups, TBR lists and more!

I’ll just mention some other things about me; I have three cats, I love Disney (I’m currently watching Beauty and the Beast as I’m writing this), I sometimes do yoga and my favourite authors have to be J K Rowling and S J Maas.

So here it goes, me starting my own book blog 🙂 I hope whoever reads this will enjoy my posts – I’ll post my first book review soon as I’ve nearly finished the Queen of the Tearling.

Have a brilliant day x






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