The Raven King book review

by Maggie Stiefvater (2016) ♥♥♥♥

“Richard Gansey III had forgotten how many times he had been told he was destined for greatness.” – Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven King

Wow. I cannot believe I managed to read the entire Raven Cycle series in time for YALC but I’ve done it and it was awesome!

The Raven King is the last in the Raven Cycle series and we see a lot of questions answered prompted throughout all four books, as well as the blossoming of a relationship between two characters (that was one of my favourite bits about TRK).

So it starts off quite dark with the one character preparing themselves for their inevitable fate and we’re reminded of the very first chapter of the first book – the thing that got everything started. I felt dread as I read this because I was so uncertain with how things would go in the end, and it really was up in the air as to what direction the author would take the character’s story in, right up until the last few chapters.

The book is obviously centred around one character meeting their fate, but a few subplots are littered throughout the story like with one antagonist we met in the third book lurking in the background and ultimately playing a part in the fate of everyone’s lives as well as some relationships growing. All four main characters are involved in TRK; it was brilliant to see each character share the focus in the last book with not one outshining the other compared to the focus being on Ronan in TDT and Blue in BLLB.

With a slow start for about the first hundred pages and nothing really happening or getting any where near to finishing, there’s less humour in this book as things get serious and we see a couple of betrayals from characters which served to shock and surprise us. Most things get answered however a couple remain as we don’t find out for sure what happens to a couple of the characters – the wrap up to the whole story just focused on the four main ones.

In the end, things turn out not the way you would have originally thought they would, and I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed as I tried to decide whether that was the ending I wanted or not. If this was the intended outcome for the reader to feel, then it matches that of the characters because things don’t go the way they wanted to either.

I have to mention a lot of spoilers now so do not carry on reading if you haven’t read any of The Raven King or the Raven Cycle series yet (unless you want to to be spoiled).

WELL. That was not the ending I thought would happen AT. ALL. I honestly thought the author would kill off Gansey completely and I was kind of shocked and disappointed that she didn’t??? After all that, I wanted Gansey to live but also I felt a bit cheated that he didn’t die because, as we learnt from the very beginning of the series, Gansey dies. So why didn’t he die in the end?

I mean, I’m glad he didn’t die because Gansey was a brilliant character and he and Blue together were really cute, but his spirit appeared on the corpse road. He did die in the book but was brought back to life by Cabeswater so I guess he did technically die, but he didn’t really because he carried on living so… I guess it depends on your definition of ‘die’ and stuff.

Anyway, this book took a much darker turn than any of the other books what with the demon running around and ‘unmaking’ everything – the bit where he started to unmake Ronan –

Love Ronan. He’s the best.

So yes the demon is busy unmaking everything thanks to that idiot, Piper, who doesn’t seem to have any brain cells because she thinks it’s a good idea to have a demon(?)

I cannot stand Piper, she’s really well written at being a complete psychopath for no reason, but god she was stupid when she woke that demon. And Neeve joined in, suddenly realised what a bad idea it was then wanted out and, of course, Piper got the demon to unmake her. You can’t just go round telling the demon to unmake people, Piper.

Oh and NOAH. Even after finishing the series I still feel like we didn’t find out much about Noah, other than he had to die so Gansey could live (bit harsh and unfair) but what happened after? He kept getting randomly possessed but it never said in the end whether he still hung around with the group or whether he managed to finally go on. And I would like to know what happened to him, and why the demon possessed him and other things.

One thing this book did deliver with, is THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ADAM AND RONAN.

I’m so glad they finally got together and I TOTALLY called it when I read The Dream Thieves (you can actually see that I mused over whether Ronan might fancy Adam in my review here) and I actually had no idea that it was going to happen. It was exactly what the book needed because there was such a sombre mood to the book because we all knew Gansey was going to die, a demon was destroying everything and Cabeswater was dying so this ship was totally needed to lift the mood and divert the feeling of dread into feeling of awness as the two characters got together. I think the author did it really well because it was building for quite a while throughout the series and we saw Adam get confused with what he wants so it made it more sort of realistic – it wasn’t just a relationship she decided to ‘add in’ or something totally unexpected.

The bit where Ronan was being unmade by the demon and we sort of saw events through Adam’s viewpoint (given that he was tied up and blindfolded so we had no idea what was going on besides what he could hear) was really clever because, even though the book is written in the third person, it focused on Adam as the character and what he could make out of the situation, making it all the more effective by his feelings for Ronan. But that was something else we never found out – whether the two of them gave it a go or whether they were still together at the end of the whole Glendower-Gansey-dying thing.


And another thing – why is there a stag on the front cover of TRK????? Did I miss something because I do not remember reading about a stag anywhere in the book. Literally, anywhere in that book. Please tell me if I missed something obvious because I was reading the last page thinking ‘this is where the stag gets explained’ and it never did so I just reckon I somehow managed to avoid a huge revelation in the book… Unless the stag has absolutely nothing to do with anything???

The Raven King won’t be my favourite end to a series, but it certainly is one of the good ones because no one died (well, Gansey did but didn’t – it’s all very much a grey area) and some characters got together that I wanted to, so it was good in the end. I just wish we had more answers! (I mean what happened to Noah, Maura and the Grey Man, Greenmantle, Adam’s family, and Declan…)

It’s sad to have finished the Raven Cycle but it’s definitely left me wanting to experience more of the Maggie Stiefvater’s writing and I am going to buy Shiver and get started on that trilogy at some point. The Raven Cycle won’t be one of my favourite series, but I did enjoy getting to know the characters and immersing myself in a completely different world I’m used to reading about – I just think the series was very much a ‘just go with it’ type scenario and I was okay doing so. Overall, The Dream Thieves has still got to be my favourite though because Ronan! I am going to miss those raven boys though…

“He was a book, and he was holding his final pages, and he wanted to get to the end to find out how it went, and he didn’t want it to be over.” – Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven King



My cat is trying to destroy my books.

Yes you read the title correctly, my cat is trying to destroy my books. Don’t believe me? Let me show you some evidence…

I was innocently taking a photo of some of my books with my cat and she suddenly decided to start biting at the corners of my copy of How Hard Can Love Be? by Holly Bourne. I tweeted the picture to the author who saw the funny side of things, as did I, but my cat (Eva) had other plans…

A couple of weeks later, I’m reading this lovely new book about agoraphobia called Under Rose-tainted Skies by Louise Gornall and Eva decides to do this:



It’s not funny any more. She’s evil and mean.

She’s quite clever actually, because the picture of her eating How Hard Can Love Be? was posted on the author’s instagram account and the last time I checked, my cat received 106 likes – she’s famous!

So as you can see, my cat is trying to destroy my books. Let me know if your pets are well-behaved and leave your books alone, or if they have an evil side and try to destroy them, like mine does.

(It’s going to be a bit awkward explaining why there’s two little puncture holes in my book when I try to get it signed by the author at YALC…)

Hope you enjoyed this post – let me know in the comments if you want to see more of my cats featured in my photos!

Wishlist Wednesday: Shiver

This week’s book featured in Wishlist Wednesday is Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater!

After having read the Raven Cycle series by this author, I’m really keen on reading some more of her books and my one friend absolutely LOVES the Shiver trilogy so this book is on my wishlist!

This book is about a two people who are desperate to stay together but one of them is a wolf and only gets a few months every year to be human. It’s a story of love and loss and doesn’t really sound like something I’d be that interested, but I really liked the author’s writing from the Raven Cycle books so I want to give it a try.

Also, YALC is so close now I am getting really excited! Maggie Stiefvater is going to be there when I go on the Sunday and I wish I could have read the Shiver trilogy beforehand, but I’m glad I managed to finished the Raven Cycle in time. Who else has read any of Maggie Stiefvater’s books and what did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments – I love hearing what people think about books they’ve read!

Have a beautiful Wednesday ♥

YALC reading prep

I am going to YALC in just under a week and I am SO EXCITED. I’m only going for the one day (Sunday) but it’s my first time at a convention ever and I’ve never actually met any authors before so this is all going to be so new for me and I am BUZZING for it!

Right. So. I thought I’d do a post of all the books I’ve read in preparation for YALC and ones that I read earlier on in the year but the authors are going to be at YALC – I haven’t read that many but I’ve definitely discovered some new authors and definitely want to read some more of their work.

Am I Normal Yet? series by Holly Bourne
I bought What’s A Girl Gotta Do? the other day having seen on Twitter that it was already available in shops (and not out till August) and she is without a doubt, one of the authors I am most excited to meet because her books are AMAZING. This book was brilliant and all three in the trilogy are just awesome!

This Savage Song by V E Schwab
Having read the A Darker Shade of Magic series a couple of months ago, I loved this author’s writing and had to get her new book which was brilliant and fantastic and I definitely have to meet this author! I’m not too worried if I don’t though because I’m going to see her on tour in Birmingham in August, but I’ll still take one of her books in case I do manage to see her. I loved this book and I really want to buy Vicious too.

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
I actually read this book a while back when it came out and I wasn’t that keen on the first two thirds of the book, but it picked up near the end – I liked it enough to want to get the sequel and find out what happens though.

The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Sailsbury
When I read this, it was straight after I read ACOMAF when that came out in May so I was on such a book hangover from ACOMAF that I don’t think any book I read straight after would be as amazing as that one. I found this book really quite different but because I was so hung up on ACOMAF, I think I judged it too harshly at the time (I felt really underwhelmed after I finished it) so I think I might read it again or get the sequel at some point to see if my opinion changes.

The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater
This month has been filled with racing through this series in time for YALC and I’m so glad for YALC because this series has been on my TBR for ages and I finally got the excuse to just go out and BUY it. The series was like nothing I have ever read before and I must meet this author and I have to try out some of her other books; I’m thinking about reading Shiver next.

Under Rose-tainted Skies by Louise Gornall
I got this book because it was buy one get one half price in Waterstones when I bought What’s A Girl Gotta Do? and I’m just about to start it. It’s only a small book so I’ll probably be able to finish it in time for YALC and it will most likely be my last July read.

All these authors should be there on the Sunday that I’m going, but I’ve also read some other books by authors attending on other days like The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick NessThe Lost and the Found by Cat Clarke and Geek Girl by Holly Smale but I didn’t enjoy these books that much so I’m not that concerned with seeing these authors. I would quite like to read The Sleeping Prince (sequel to The Sin Eater’s Daughter) and maybe try out some more of Patrick Ness’ books since I’ve only read the one book by each author. I also really want to start The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon and some of Ben Aaronovitch’s books but I haven’t had the time! Maybe I’ll end up buying some of their books at YALC 🙂

So yeah, that’s what I’ve read and I just can’t wait for this now – never met authors before or been to a con so I’m going to be absolutely amazed, scared, nervous and excited when I get there!

Who else is going and who is the one author that you simply have to meet? Can’t wait to meet some book bloggers and bookstagrammers as well!

Have a fantastic Tuesday ♥

July book mail

I ordered quite a few books this month (maybe too many!) but in my defence, I just had to read the Raven Cycle series before YALC since Maggie Stiefvater is going to be there and will be talking about her new book, The Raven King – I don’t want to be spoiled and the series has been on my TBR for ages so I had to get them!

So here’s a photo of all the books I’ve had these past couple of weeks in July:


Books included are:

  • The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater (book review here)
  • Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater (book review here)
  • The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater
  • Inherited by Freedom Matthews
  • Frostblood by Elly Blake
  • Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh


Okay so yes maybe I did go on a bit of a spree this month… HOWEVER. These books do look awesome 🙂

So, as I said, I ordered the rest of the Raven Cycle books because I’m going to YALC and the author will be there – I’ve actually just finished the series today and I did enjoy reading through the series; I like the author’s writing and it’s prompted me to check out some of her other books and I’ll probably end up buying the Shiver trilogy at some point.

Inherited and Frostblood were the two books featured in this month’s Fairyloot box (see unboxing here) and Inherited is signed and dedicated which was such a nice touch! Both books looks really interesting and I’ll get started on them soon when I’ve finished reading some more books I’ve got for YALC.

Related to Fairyloot, Ivory and Bone was actually the book in the June box which I didn’t get (but wished I had!) and the person behind Fairyloot, Anissa, holds a FairyChat on Twitter every month and sometimes the author of the book joins in. Julie Eshbaugh talked about her book, Ivory and Bone, and how it has a classic twist and a Pride and Prejudice theme which sounded so cool that I had to get this book! Ivory and Bone was a book I saw pop up in the bookish blog world and it was on my to-buy list but after FairyChat, I bought it soon after in hardback because the cover is gorgeous! I don’t buy many hardbacks but when I do, I love it.

And that’s it for my July book mail! I can’t wait to get started on all of these books, they all look so brilliant and so different – I won’t be bored this summer!

YALC preparation

YALC is the Young Adult Literature Convention happening in London on Friday 29th July to Sunday 31st July (link here). It is an event that brings together loads of YA authors for a weekend of panels, workshops, book signings and a chance to meet agents for aspiring authors.

I have never been before, but I am SO excited to see what it’s about and meet some of my favourite authors, as well as loads of bookish people I’ve had the lovely fortune of meeting on Twitter/Instagram/book blogs etc.

So some time last month I have a hazy memory of convincing my friend (in the middle of my exams) to come to YALC with me this year since it’s my first time and I don’t want to go alone. She agreed and we both decided on booking tickets for the Sunday and quickly booked some train tickets whilst they were cheap.

Pretty sure it’s one of the best decisions I have made so far this year.

Because it sounds AWESOME.

Last week there was a brilliant YALC chat organised by one of my favourite book bloggers, ReadDreamLive (link to her blog here) and YALC answered loads of questions about what to expect at the event and some people gave tips on how to maximise your experience by doing some preparation beforehand, by those who have been before. I definitely got some really good tips, as well as finding out some really cool things like one of my favourite authors is going to be there every day, despite only being written down for events for one or two days.

This chat on Twitter really got me excited for YALC and I thought I’d share some tips that I have found out from others, as well as my thoughts/ideas of what I’m going to do and which panels/workshops I’m going to attend on the day. There’s also going to be another chat on Twitter tomorrow at 8:00pm to ask any more questions and find out what to expect from YALC.

First off, loads and loads of people have said BRING YOUR OWN FOOD because London. Do we really need to explain more? As a student studying in London for the past two years, I definitely agree with this – bring food from home if you can because not only is food expensive at conventions, but so is the Tesco Express down the road. Save yourself the money to spend on more books and bring food/drink from home.

Along the same lines, people have said to bring cash since most stalls don’t accept card. This is such a good idea too because then you can set yourself a limit on how much you’re going to spend – it’s easy to get swept away by the moment and frantically think ‘I’ll only be here once, I better make the most of it and buy as much as I can’ but in reality, you can’t spend all your money just because this is a one-off. So budget for what you can and take a set amount of cash to avoid overspending on the day.

Many people told me to take as many books as possible because you’ll regret it later if you left that one at home because you thought you probably wouldn’t get chance to meet that one author, only to find that you did and could probably kick yourself for not bringing it. Since I’ll be going down on the train the night before, I can’t take too many books but I think one per author that you have read and enjoyed is a good aim – more if you’re sure this is the only chance you’ll get of meeting this author.

Get there early seems to be another tip everyone is saying – there’s a special entrance on Hammersmith Road just for people holding YALC tickets, so make sure to get there before 9am and allow lots of time for public transport and check for any planned works that night before as well as any delays in the morning (there’s actually a chunk of the northern line shut off for engineering works that weekend so plan accordingly for this).

Take multiple bags! You probably won’t think you’re going to buy that many books, but who knows what treasures you’ll discover there, so take more than just the one tote to be on the safe side – you can think about how much your shoulders/back will hurt later.

Here’s the biggie: print off the day’s schedule beforehand and note what you want to do/see. I’ve already printed off the schedule for Sunday and my friend and I have discussed which panels and workshops we want to attend. It allows you to make the most of your day(s) there – you can’t just wing something like this, what if you missed a signing by your favourite author? What if you got the wrong time for that panel you badly wanted to attend? It’s best to jot down what is happening when, so if one of the events is full, you have a backup and aren’t left flailing around because you didn’t plan beforehand.

Some other useful things to know:

  • there’s a cloakroom you can put your stuff in to save you lugging it around all day (about £1 per item),
  • there’s a room for lounging in and relaxing if YALC gets a bit too much for you – a chance to take a breather and calm your jittering nerves,
  • you can enter/leave half way through panel events should you wish (no one will take offense),
  • there are stalls and merch you can buy there as well as books.

So there you have it, some tips and things to be aware of in preparation for YALC! But if you don’t want to take my word for it, then check out this really good video by booktuber Karen which includes loads of tips for attending YALC from someone who went last year.


My plan for YALC 2016

Since I’m only going for the one day, I thought I’d do a bit of everything and attend some panels as well as workshops and book signings.

I really want to attend the creative writing workshop to see if I have an creativity deep inside and improve my poor writing skills and my friend is a really good aspiring writer so she’s keen on this workshop. There’s also a co-writing workshop which she’ll probably go to, but I really want to get my books signed by Holly Bourne (she’s one of my favourite authors ever) at the same time the workshop is on – you can check out a post I did on Holly Bourne’s writing here.

Some panels I’m keen on going to are Ask YALC and Maggie Stiefvater in conversation. I might also attend an agent 1-2-1 session just to see what it’s about and if my friend wants to go, since she wants to eventually get some of her writing published 🙂

And then finally there’s a Harry Potter party which, of course I am going to!

The whole weekend looks amazing and I really cannot wait to go to YALC for the first time. Let me know if you’ve been and have any more tips that I haven’t mentioned – I am soooo excited for next weekend! (Can you tell?) Bring on the books!



Blue Lily, Lily Blue book review

by Maggie Stiefvater (2014) ♥♥♥♥

“He left bloody fingerprints on the rock, but there was something satisfying about that.
I was here. I exist. I’m alive, because I bleed.” – Maggie Stiefvater; Blue Lily, Lily Blue

I’m trying to get the Raven Cycle finished before YALC and I think I’m actually going to do it! This is the third book of a four book series and brings us closer to the inevitable event that was described in the first chapter of the first book, The Raven Boys.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue centres a lot more around Blue than in the two previous books and the focus of the book is that someone has gone missing. Blue has lost something and needs to find it and get it back but not all visions are correct and people can betray.

I can’t say much about the book without giving away things that have happened in TRB and TDT but I will say this: BLLB gets a lot weirder… I mean, the whole series involve psychics and fate-telling and fortunes etc, but this book steps up another level till I wasn’t even sure what was real or what was happening any more – I wouldn’t be surprised if in the last book, half of the stuff that has already happened actually turns out to be false or a dream.

We see the introduction of a new character (won’t say their name because it will give it away) and this person is crazy, like proper just singing everywhere and not making any sense, so that just adds to the ‘what is happening’ vibe I got from this book. Also, Greenmantle comes into this book more and we get to understand him as a character (weird) and just how much influence he has over people. His partner is also very strange and I get the feeling that they are both sort of psychopaths because they talk of death and other horrible things like they’re discussing a dinner menu so I think it’s safe to say that they are insane.

BLLB stays within the main plot of finding Glendower but this book strays away from finding him as the group find something else which leads to, at the end of the book, finding another thing which could be very bad for everyone in the next book. However they still don’t seem any closer to finding Glendower than in the first book and I’m finding myself excited to read the last book so I can finally discover if they do find him or not and who gets the favour.

The favour has been mentioned so many times (if they find Glendower and wake him, he’ll grant a favour) and everyone has pretty much agreed on what the favour will be but I’m thinking it won’t happen and basically I’m preparing myself to say goodbye to one of the characters, because we knew what would ultimately happen to them from the start of the series, but I kept hoping that they’d find a way to stop it. It isn’t looking very likely at the moment though.

Which brings me to SPOILERS so if you haven’t read BLLB or any of the Raven Cycle series, then:

SWIM AWAY from the spoilers – krill.


Right so, Blue’s mother is missing and we don’t know why or how or what, just they she randomly took off. Okay, just leave your only child with a load of psychics and a hit man you have a crush on, that’s fine – I’m sure she’ll be fine.

These psychics – honestly.

Okay so the group go looking for Blue’s mother in a cave because she’s underground (???) and apparently there’s three sleepers – one they must wake, one they must not and another that no one seems to care about. So naturally, the one they must NOT wake gets woken at the end, but let’s focus on the events leading up to this.

Maura is underground preventing the third sleeper that must not be woken, from being woken and is joined by Blue’s father, Artemus, for some random and unexplained reason. (Blue doesn’t seem that bothered to meet him either.) Meanwhile, Greenmantle and his strange wife, Piper, are trying to find Maura so they can have leverage against the Grey Man who is in love with Maura (happened a bit fast but whatever) whereas Adam is spending his days going to school, working and repairing bits of the ley line everywhere since he is now Cabeswater’s errand-runner. But he seems happy enough.

So lots of things are happening, but nothing really to do with Glendower. Gansey’s friend, Malroy comes to visit and, to be honest, doesn’t really do much and I feel he’s a bit redundant in this book. Ronan is more of a background character in this book which works given he was focused on a lot in TDT and isn’t really involved much in the plot, except that we learn that he dreamt up Matthew-

Kind of makes sense now, why Ronan and Declan have this strain between them and why Matthew is quite the opposite in personality to both of them – Ronan dreamt him when he was young, and obviously needs to find a way to keep him alive because if Ronan dies, so do his dreams – which includes Matthew.

But apart from that, Ronan isn’t involved much, except for the odd one-liner that always lifts the tone of the story and makes me smile. I particularly liked it when Ronan discovers that the psychics have a list of the people that will die in the next year, to which Ronan replies: ‘you have a death list? How f***ing dark is that?’ – you’ve got to love Ronan. I think he may be my favourite character, just for the humour he brings to the story.

This brings me on to mention one of the big revelations of the book – when Adam finds out about the ‘death list’ and quickly figures out that one of the raven boys is on it. I was like – ooooh stuff just got real.

Adam has turned into some sort of all-knowing wise old man because he makes deductions and figures stuff out a lot sooner than everyone else.

So Adam questions Blue and figures out it’s Gansey who is to die, which brings him back to the vision he had in the weird rotting tree of the first book –  when Adam kills Gansey and Ronan shouts ‘are you happy’ at Adam. BUT what is really strange is that Adam, when in one of his training classes with Persephone, asks Persehpone how he can stop Gansey dying, but actually says how can he stop from killing Gansey to which Persephone just randomly disappears and is found dead.

I mean, seriously what is happening? One minute she’s alive and talking to Adam, then he lets slip that he’s going to kill Gansey because he’s seen a vision of him doing it and when Persephone is all like what do you mean, you’re going to kill Gansey? and then he buggers off to avoid the situation by getting a drink, to return and find Persephone gone – and the seat is cold and the store assistant tells Adam that he came in alone??? So wait, Persephone wasn’t ever there? Is Persephone real?

Please someone explain what’s going on.

And then they find Persephone dead between the two mirrors that no one can ever step between (cos that makes sense) and that’s it – she’s gone.

Then the group go to find Maura and bring Gwenllian along who they found whilst looking for Maura and who is just crazy and makes no sense, and they finally find Maura, with Artemus, trying to avoid waking the third sleeper.

The number three keeps getting mentioned throughout this book and I don’t know why, but it makes it harder to resist opening the door and waking the third sleeper when there’s more people present – so why did Maura go find the damn thing in the first place and why didn’t she tell Artemus to sod off? Sorry but this doesn’t make sense. If Maura’s job was to make sure the third sleeper doesn’t wake, why not shoo people away from the door, including Artemus?

And then the dreaded thing happens at the end – the third sleeper gets woken by none other than the peculiar Piper and NEEVE – knew she’d come back and I knew she was up to no good.

I did find this book really strange to read and I sort of just went with it and didn’t question what was going on but instead just tried to pretend it was all normal and stuff. But I really love the humour that the author includes in the book, like near the beginning when Noah (we really didn’t see a lot of him at all) appears in the counsellor room with Blue and messes around and talks when Blue just has to ignore him since the counsellor can’t see him – that was quite funny and of course, all the lines from Ronan so that helped break up the strangeness of the psychic, ley lines, dead-people-sleeping-but-don’t-wake-one-of-them-up thing.

However, overall I’m really looking forward to reading The Raven King and a bit sad to be finishing the series! It’s always sad finishing a series but because I’ve read this one so fast and started it once all the books were released, I don’t feel too attached to the story. When you’ve been waiting every year for the next book to come out and have just had the one book for a whole year till you can find out more, I think you grow more attached to the story because you’ve gone on the journey and haven’t just been able to just grab the next book and find out what happens – that’s why I love discovering a series half way through or from the beginning, because of the journey. But it is nice to pick up a book and read all through the series every now and then!

Anyway, have a brilliant day and let me know if you’ve read this series and what you thought of it!

Oh and this was one of my favourite quotes from the book because it’s truth:

“Humans were so circular; they lived the same slow cycles of joy and misery over and over, never learning. Every lesson in the universe had to be taught billions of times, and it never stuck.

Maybe it was good that the world forgot every lesson, every good and bad memory, every triumph and failure, all of it dying with each generation. Perhaps this cultural amnesia spared them all. Perhaps if they remembered everything, hope would die instead.” – Maggie Stiefvater; Blue Lily, Lily Blue